Monday, January 19, 2015

To the stranger I know

When the thunder screams
And the wind is howling

Would you mind me
Sprinting to you and whispering

So when the thunder shrieks
You won't hear a thing. 

Letting you hold me tight,
And together we make a drink of heat.

Would you mind me
Sheltering your soul in case the heaven tears.
Sharing my love of rainbow in case the girls cheat.

Let's sing a song and defeat the disturbia they create.
I would grasp the pillow when my heart is out of date.
I would have you on my mind when those songs instantaneously repeat.

When the icy wind of loneliness barks

And the draft is dryer than my fear
Would you come back and reassure that nothing went wrong
Would you walk a thousands miles for a split-second hug
Would you just be here and touch my cold cold heart.

Let's feel your skin against mine 

And eyes lost in eyes
But no it ain't happening.
The distance hurts this dream be true
I won't sprint to you and neither will you.

To the stranger I know,

When the thunder screams
And the wind is howling

I could walk a thousand miles
But little did I know
Without your love, I am nothing but a match on ice.


Thursday, January 15, 2015

False Promises

Promises aren't made to be broken

Dreams aren't dreamt to be hoped

I spoke a promise in my dream

And now it's not what it seems

Cuz everytime I hope to be redeemed

From the mistakes happened in a dream

I fell and got lost behind those seams

Crafted by your sheer light beams

I fell and got lost behind my fear

My fear of a dark netted dream

My fear of a promise left to be done

A promise within a dream

A dream of your false promises

Is it a promise or just a dream...?